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Member's Rides / Re: Project: Frosted Melon
« Last post by SidewaysEightSix on February 15, 2017, 02:50:17 PM »
I think so.   JSP is working on it and just got back to me a few days ago.   The picture above is what we are thinking currently and it should be on his site for purchase soon.

From what I understand, you will bolt the AEM EPM puck onto the adapter plate.  You will press out the existing CAS timing gear, press on a new adapter shaft.   Then set TDC on the AEM EPM, and bolt the adapter plate onto the distributor in the same way you would a JSP/SQ-Engineering/any other distributor block off shield.   That will keep the EPM firmly inside the notch on the custom shaft, and will drive the new sensor with no need to source any additional parts.

Based on the pace of things I'm hoping that 6 months will be the absolute longest time frame before its sorted and installed and we can test

(I got kinda shuffled behind some big names like JTP.
Member's Rides / Re: Project: Frosted Melon
« Last post by twincharger on February 15, 2017, 08:11:08 AM »
Have you got that distributor sorted out yet?
Member's Rides / Re: Project: Frosted Melon
« Last post by SidewaysEightSix on February 14, 2017, 08:28:52 AM »
How to ruin your life via stupid shit box V6.321

FWD / Re: 1988 Corolla FX
« Last post by twincharger on February 10, 2017, 09:47:26 AM »
I saw a 95% complete FX hatchback at Pull-n-pay at 2501 W Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009.

This was a couple of months ago.

There are no mixture screws on that carburator.

Everything is preset at the factory.

Check ALL your vacuum hoses.
Member's Rides / Re: Homewrecker
« Last post by twincharger on February 03, 2017, 08:17:29 AM »
More pictures!!

Block erosion can be patched up with JB Weld and sanded smooth.

I have a spare block if you need one. 

Member's Rides / Homewrecker
« Last post by Keegan on February 02, 2017, 08:07:58 AM »
Hello everyone! So I made a new member post a few years ago and then never really went on to do anything else here. I blew a head gasket on the 4age a few months ago and when I pulled the head off there was quite a bit of erosion on the block mating surface so I pulled the motor(I actually installed an OEM head gasket to try and make the last 2 events of the year to no avail) and have been doing a stock rebuild since then. I am a little late on starting a build thread, I havenít taken too many pictures so far and this is my first but I am going to start doing a more comprehensive build thread. Even if it is just for me to keep track of stuff.

I have kept it a cost effective rebuild because I am planning an SR swap around the end of next season. Although that doesn't mean I have skimped on decent quality parts.

The car

Some erosion

Where it sits right now

So far the list:
Block decked, honed and all tolerances checked and polished the crank.
Phoenix Cylinder Head did the headwork for me, new valves, springs, 3 way valve job and all the other fun stuff
King rod, main and thrust bearings
NPR piston rings
OEM overhaul gasket set
OEM head bolts
Gates timing belt and tensioner
Fuel injectors were all rebuilt
I shaved the TVIS badge and a couple other ugly spots on the intake manifold and had it powdercoated

I ordered a distributor cap and rotor but the cap doesn't match up so I need to get another. I also got an OEM throwout bearing and ACT pilot bearing while I was at it. I will update more as it goes!

Member's Rides / Re: Project: Frosted Melon
« Last post by SidewaysEightSix on December 08, 2016, 03:06:24 PM »
For the ones who don't mess with the gram....
Member's Rides / Re: Project: Frosted Melon
« Last post by SidewaysEightSix on November 28, 2016, 10:55:38 AM »
If this doesn't work out like I want I may come to you for advice on a setup similar to yours.   Always down to learn.

As far as the underglow, I didn't do the super cheap thing, but not far off.  I almost went to StreetGlow but decided against it.   I bought a eBay kit that has two 30" tubes and two 48" tubes.  Waterproof.  Comes with a controller that gives you 7 colour options, and will sync to your audio outputs.

I also just bought strobes this morning.   Wear your shades kids.   My car is going to give seizures
Member's Rides / Re: Project: Frosted Melon
« Last post by twincharger on November 28, 2016, 08:42:25 AM »
Hey, Happy Birthday!

FYI I run a 20v and put a homemade trigger wheel inside a cam sprocket and I read it with a hall sensor.

It gives square waves to megasquirt.

There's a plug where my distributor would normally be.

Member's Rides / Re: Project: Frosted Melon
« Last post by SidewaysEightSix on November 26, 2016, 08:14:57 PM »
Yeah, apparently this is the sole reason 4AGE guys don't go AEM, and with all the other things involved in swapping 20v's it's no wonder guys are just jumping into BEAMs and F20c and K24 swaps.   

There are a few ways of going about it that can work.   I'm going with the AEM Engine Position Module because A: It's what AEM designed specifically for their computers and will have the best signal for the unit according to AEM. And B: will be hidden at the back of the head and keep the engine bay looking as clean as it does now without adding a Hall effect sensor and trigger wheel to the crank.   I've already gone too far down the rabbit hole as to not "cut corners".  So what's a few more lost paychecks at this point?   John just notified me that he has my stuff and will take a look at it this week now that the Black Friday deals he has going on are here, and almost over.

On that note, I took advantage of said sale and picked up a few things from him yesterday, should arrive this week.

I also figured since I can't drive the car, and it's my birthday today, that I can continue to make it more riced out by ordering up some underglow.  Gonna take a look at strobe kits on Cyber Monday.   Bring your sunglasses.
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